Author's Note: As a service to my tireless readers, I've organized my columns into a table of contents of sorts, organized by loosely-defined categories. I hope this will make it easier for you to explore subjects you may have missed in the past.

Class Theory & Agorism

Building the philosophical framework for a voluntary society and a way to get there, as well as developing a different viewpoint of the divisions in today's society.

Defining the One Percent
My argument that the One Percent resides not only on Wall Street, but on Pennsylvania Avenue, in the hallowed halls of Congress, and in statehouses and courthouses across the country.

Agorism, Country Style in Hardyville
Take a visit to Claire Wolfe's fictional, rural, and very free community.

A Letter to the One Percent
The rant that finally triggered me to start a blog focused on government and society from a libertarian, voluntarist, agorist perspective. A not-half-bad summary of my philosophy, and the viewpoints you'll most often see reflected here.

Politics vs. the Productive
A chance for you to discover if you're a supporter of the political class, the productive class, or somewhere in between.

The One Percent's Revolving Door
A graphical examination of the members of the One Percent who regularly shuffle between jobs in industry and jobs in government, regulating those same industries.

Loyalists to the Corporatocracy
A deconstruction of the political worldview of a couple who seem blissfully unaware that they represent the heart of the One Percent, and the last of a dying breed of dinosaurs.

Elizabeth Warren, Clueless or Complicit?
Is she really innocent of understanding the real causes of the collapse of the middle class?

White Male Privilege
One white male's view as pig at the pig roast

Exploitation: A Matter of Perspective
If someone's lot in life has improved to their satisfaction, are they being exploited?

A Different View

Examining a number of important issues from a somewhat different perspective.

Why the World Thinks I'm Crazy
How some authoritarians rely on other authoritarians to confirm their belief that people who don't like authority must be crazy.

Why People Are Irrational About Politics
Wise words about forming your political opinions from a very smart Doctor of Philosophy.

Malum in se, Malum Prohibitum
A different way of thinking about the proper role of government.

George Carlin - Wrong About Politicians
A look at George Carlin's claim that politicians are just like the rest of us, and a list of issues he failed to consider.

Libertarians - The True Pragmatists
A well-documented argument that those who believe that government is the solution to societal problems are the real impractical dreamers, while libertarians are the ones with a realistic view.

On Law and Sausages - SOPA, PIPA and Cronyism
Comparing the Civics Class Model of the legislative process, that results in legislation that promotes the common good, and the Cronyism Model of the legislative process, that results in legislation that benefits industries and corporations at the expense of society in general, benefitting the One Percent at the expense of the Ninety-Nine.

Bipartisan Bird of Prey Claims Judge Nap
A farewell to one of the most freedom-oriented news shows ever allowed on the air.

Today I Beat Up Your Mom
How NOT to engage in political discussion.

Universal Soldier
Buffy Sainte-Marie explained warfare almost 50 years ago.

The Phoenix Society Series

Exploring the fundamental transformation facing society today, the tools that will bring about that transformation, and the two paths to the future.

The Apolitical Economic Superpower
A quite-likely surprising look at the massive economic powerhouse represented by the underground economy, and why it offers hope for increased freedom in our lifetime.

The Rise of the Phoenix Society
Even in the most-regulated economy on the planet, people are finding ways to slip away from the reins of the taxman and the regulator. The future's coming, ready or not.

Homebrew Production is Coming
Just as home PCs transformed society, the coming RepRap machines are going to have a huge impact in the not-too-distant future.

Open Source Freedom
The open-source movement has gone beyond software to physical goods of all kinds, offering the possibility of escape from the centralized, corporate, mass-production model of society.

The Homebrew Production Model
Chinese shanzhai, open-source integration, hackerspaces, maker faires and crowdfunding sites all point the way to decentralized industry.

The Underground is Surfacing
Tales of people and communities taking control of their lives.

History Through a Different Lens
How we became cubicle dwellers in a world of throwaway, mass-produced goods.

Hope for the Future

Stories of people and communities finding a new way forward into the future.

Accidental Agorists Rebuild A Road
When people unite for a common cause, amazing things can happen.

The Tipping Point
How an irate, tireless minority can become a majority.

Detroit: America's Greece
What do Greece and Detroit have in common?

Barefoot College - Electrifying Empowerment
In some of the poorest villages of India and Africa, illiterate grandmothers are bringing the gift of light.

The Largest Libertarian Society in History
Acquainting people with the little-known fact that they are quite likely already deeply involved in the largest libertarian society in history, operating in large part outside the control of any government.

The Transformational Generation:
The generations that grew up on the Internet have a different view of the future.

Millennial's Libertarian Leanings
Younger adults support more freedom, less government

Greece Surrenders to the Underground Economy
Greece has passed legislation allowing for the creation of alternate currencies that will serve to empower an alternative economy outside the aboveground, euro-based economy.

Pizza Federalism, Kickstarter and the Arts
The Kickstarter project offers a new approach to funding current government programs voluntarily.

Jury Nullification Still Legal
Citizens can still exercise a little control over the political machine


Some economic basics from a libertarian/agorist/austrian perspective.

EconStories.TV - Economic Edutainment
An entertaining look at the difference between two schools of economic theory, one government-approved and the other considered heterodox, although more predictively successful. Courtesy of a couple of short videos found at EconStories.TV.

Austrians Ascendent
The Austrian School of Economics is gaining visibility and respectability.

The Perils of Paper Money
A look at what the Federal Reserve has done to the concept of money as a store of value.

The Unseen in Economics
Why the limits of analysis mean that government policies will always have unintended consequences that predictably result in a net loss to society.

Concentrated Benefits, Dispersed Costs
A simple explanation for ever-growing government that increasingly concentrates power and wealth in the hands of an ever-smaller segment of society.


A different view of some historical events.

Hijacking The General Welfare Clause
How the General Welfare Clause of the Constitution became an excuse for meddling in almost any aspect of our lives in 1936.

The Great Depression of 1920??
The story of the Great Depression of 1920, that was over almost before it began because government didn't move fast enough to apply a "cure" that would have been worse than the disease.

Not Worth a Continental
The Revolutionary War money teaches an important lesson for today.

History Through a Different Lens
How we became cubicle dwellers in a world of throwaway, mass-produced goods.

The Lighter Side

Just for fun... mostly.

Barack Obama - Political Heir to FDR
What Barack Obama and Franklin Delano Roosevelt have in common isn't only what you think, and may provide an interesting history lesson.

Ron Paul's Favorite Recipes
A look at Ron Paul's favorite two recipes: Chocolate Chip Cookies and Freedom.

Uncle Sam Seeks Harder, Deeper Penetrator
A jab at Uncle Sam and his constand desire for more massive, more intrusive weaponry.

You Might Be a Terrorist If...
Why the Department of Homeland Security's recent report defining terrorists may well include you.

My Guaranteed 100% Correct Super Bowl Predictions
Some things I guarantee will happen on Super Bowl Sunday.

Year-Round Fools - a sampling of items from Reason's Hit & Run
For those times when you want a laugh, a reason to bang your head against the wall, an opportunity for a double facepalm... or a site you can share with friends who desperately need a wake-up call about the abuse of authority.

American Pie, Revisited
Don McLean's well known song lyrics, brought up to date for the 21st century.

In Defense of SOPA/PIPA
No attempt to defend the undefensible.

The War on Citizens

Stories of civil liberties under attack.

Fondling Fees Expected to Double
The TSA needs more of your money.

First Amendment (1791-2012) R.I.P.
H.R. 347 criminalizes protest in any setting where protest would matter.

“Squat and cough. Spread your cheeks.”
The Supreme Court rules strip-searches are just fine, even if you're arrested for violating a leash law, driving without your license, or failing to pay child support.

Drones Coming Home to Roost
State of the art on commercial drones and the possibility of an Agorist Air Force.

Killer Cattle Prods
Lethal weapons are being used to quell dissent.

Criminalizing Dissent
The NATO Summit and Presidential nominating conventions may make for interesting times.

Victimless Crimes

Citizens punished for doing no harm.

If You Build It, They Will Come
The tale of one poor guy who only wanted to build a rowboat for his son, and ended up declared a boat manufacturer by the bureaucrats.

Prohibition Fails Again
Why ultra-conservative Pat Robertson supports ending the War on Drugs, while the liberal Obama administration refuses to even discuss the issue.

Whitney Houston - Drug War Victim
Whitney Houston shares the ultimate responsibility, but drug policy contributed to her death.

California's Broken Sex Registry
Meet Joe and his wife, both victimized by California's sex registry.

First They Came for the Japanese
Japanese Internment, Seventy Years Later

Sweet Sixteen Circumnavigation
The story of a young sailor the government didn't want to live out her dream.

Government Malfeasance - General

Government Integrity Analyzed
No surprises here, government breeds corruption. Even the Center for Public Integrity agrees, and they've thoroughly documented it.

Connecting the Dots: Obama's Value
What Makes Obama Worth a Billion Bucks?

Is Directive 10-289 in Our Future?
Atlas Shrugged as Cautionary Tale

House Republicans - Frack Transparency
A tale of House Republicans hiding behind political privilege to keep you and I from knowing the story behind fracking legislation.

Follow the Yellowcake Road
Government goes looking for justification for another invasion. Iran's threat is as hollow as Iraq's.

Government Malfeasance - Economics

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
How the federal government adjusted the calculations for important numbers like unemployment and inflation to convince people things aren't as bad as they seem to be.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics Redux
Another look at FedGov's Tall Tales and the support for the real numbers discovered by a Gallup survey.

The Booze Cause of the Economic Crisis
What drinking binges and economics have in common.

Our Crumbling Infrastructure
From roads and bridges to energy, water supply, dams and waste treatment, America's systems are in big trouble.

The Higher Education Bubble
Loans for college and university education make up the next financial bubble that is going to pop.

States in Budget Crisis
More than 40 states are in financial trouble. Guess who'll get to bail them out?

Shocker: Hybrid Cars Stalled
The hybrid cars selling the least are the ones the government subsidized the most.

North Korea's San Sebastián Mines
Atlas Shrugged, North Korean Style

A Government Big Enough...
...can really foul up healthcare.

Government Malfeasance - Internet

SOPA/PIPA - A Legislative Litmus Test
An argument that if you support politicians who supported the recent attempt to pass SOPA/PIPA legislation impacting the internet, you're part of the problem, not part of the solution. Names names for both houses of Congress, so you can see who to vote against this fall.

CISPA Keynotes Cybersecurity Week
Forewarned is Forearmed; more news to follow tomorrow.

Who's Buying CISPA and Selling Us Out?
More on CISPA, the corporations supporting it, and Stop Cyber Spying Week, your chance to do something about this invasion of online privacy.

CISPA House Debate Starts Tomorrow
Time is running out - have you registered your opposition?

CISPA: What's Next?
This monstrosity made it through the House of Representatives. We have to take action before it gets past the Senate.

Government Malfeasance - Regulations

Pink Slime - It's "For the Children"
Why agencies responsible for the school lunch program are feeding your children ground-up meat scraps treated with ammonia.

Tombstone, Arizona Clings to Life
Tombstone, AZ faces infrastructure collapse... thanks to FedGov. Apparently, the only endangered species the Wilderness Act doesn't cover is homo sapiens

Licensed to Live: Occupations
Low and moderate-income occupational licensing works to keep poor people poor and rich people rich.

Uncle Sam's Clogged Arteries
You're accountable for almost 200,000 pages of rules and regulations at the federal level alone. Why don't they repeal some of the laws already on the books before adding new ones?

Second Amendment Series

The story of Emily Miller's quest to own a handgun in Washington, D.C.

Shall Not Be Infringed?
One woman's four-month journey through city hall and to neighboring states in her pursuit of the legal right to own a handgun in our nation's capitol.

DC's Plantation-like Gun Control
A further look at the laws that keep most Washington D.C. residents from legally exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Emily Miller Wins Another Battle
Emily Miller gets some needed changes made to the DC gun laws.


Fellow Travelers and Purity Tests
Can't we libertarians all get along?

The Lesson of Athens, Tennessee
A cautionary tale for the political establishment, centered on the events in Athens, Tennessee in August, 1946.

Red Hat, Blue Hat, Which Hat, No Hat
No party hat for me, thanks anyway

Don't Throw Away Your Vote
A wasted vote is one that doesn't express your real desires for your country.

Voting as a Faithless Act
Why voting should be an act of reason, and not of faith in the system.

Ron Paul

The Imperfect Messenger
My rationale for supporting Ron Paul for President, given my general apathy for the political process and distaste for the political process.

He's Catchin' On, I'm Tellin' Ya!
A look at the growth of the Ron Paul movement

What's Your Candidate Done to Change the World?
How Ron Paul's liberty movement has shifted the political landscape.

Who'll Slash the National Debt?
Only one Presidential Candidate has a plan that results in a declining deficit within one term.

Where in the World is Ron Paul?
... and what's Wolf Blitzer doing in that tire swing?

Delegate Count Media Misinformation
So you've heard Romney's ahead? Well, sort of...

30 Seconds to Destroy Democracy
Is Democracy Dead in Georgia?

Gary Johnson

An Open Letter to Gary Johnson
A letter suggesting that he enthuse his supporters as Ron Paul does, then turn them loose to build the grassroots.

Is Gary Johnson a Threat to the Two-Party System?
Could Gary Johnson's candidacy as a Libertarian have a significant impact?

Rick Santorum

The Santorum Theocracy
Obama is not the worst we can do. Santorum could prove to be far worse.


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